Modifier 26

The professional component of certain procedures and includes the interpretation of results and written reports. Using modifier -26 identifies the professional component.

Modifier TC

The technical component of certain procedures and includes the supply of the equipment, supplies, staff, and costs associated with performing the procedure.

A great example of using these modifiers in ophthalmology is with CPT 76519 and CPT 92136.modifier 26

  • CPT code 76519: ophthalmic biometry by ultrasound echography, A-scan with intraocular lens power calculation.
  • CPT code 92136: ophthalmic biometry by partial coherence interferometry with intraocular lens power calculation.

Most radiological testing is split between the professional component and the technical component.  Billing Medicare for the initial test?

  • For the initial test bill 92136. When a patient returns for the second eye, bill 92136 -26.
  • For the initial test bill 76519, RT or LT.
  • If you perform the test for another physician and your office does the technical component, bill 92136 -TC. The referring physician bills 92136 -26 for the interpretation.

The technical component of the test is paid bilaterally, while the professional component is paid per eye. Some non-Medicare carriers don’t recognize the -26/-TC modifier and require -RT or -LT. As always, check your LCD and other payers for specific billing requirements.

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