We've developed a successful, streamlined billing process and work closely with you and your staff to implement it. We know the challenges practices face and we bring a unique perspective to help deal with these challenges. This is what sets us apart. 

Revenue can be lost nearly anywhere in the billing cycle. Our list of services covers the entire spectrum - from patient registration to collections. Below is just a short list of our comprehensive services.

● Demographic and charge entry, verify CPT, ICD-10, and modifiers
● Electronic claims filing, paper and secondary claims
● Post all payments (including VSP) and contractual adjustments
● A/R follow-up
● Patient statements
● Denial management
● Refund processing
● Pre-collection services
● Dashboard analytics which allow you to easily monitor your practice’s financial
performance at a glance
● User friendly integrated appointment scheduler

We work with AdvancedMD practice management system which provides you with 24/7 real time, secure, online access for all of your patient information. We take the billing calls out of your office. Patient and insurance calls come directly to us which frees up your staff for other duties. This gives you the time to dedicate to your patients and practice medicine. We provide a high level of patient customer service because we know your patients are your top priority. 

It’s important that the entire billing process works seamlessly together, from patient registration to collections. That’s why we offer all of this with our billing service. We consider ourselves an extension of your practice. We are proud to say we have increased reimbursements for every practice we serve. Our goal is to maximize your profits and make sure you are receiving every dollar you’ve worked for.